Better Organized Bracketing' System                   



 Entry Forms

   Email Bob at:

 Varsity Tournaments: Wrestlers name, weight, record, and Accomplishments


  Bedford JV Tournament: Email me at

     Wrestlers name and actual weight   (BLOCK WEIGHT)


Dennis Brighton  Invitational   2018   County JV Tournament 2019      
 Sheriff Invitational  2019                   Bedford JV 2019                     
 Open                 Bill Evans (Battle Creek Central)   2019        
 SEC JV Tournament  2019                   SEC League Tournament  2019
      Monroe County Age Group Tournaments 2019

                                                               Rosters for Age Group Tournaments  must be in by

                                                               Thursday night before the tournament and NO adding or deleting

                                                                wrestlers after Friday at 12:00 PM

2017-2018 Tournaments                    

2016-2017 Tournaments

2015-2016 Tournaments

2014-2015 Tournaments

2013-2014 Tournaments


Any Comments contact Robert Brighton at      


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